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Description of the Project

Enterprise and Cyber Security Customer Solution Architect (CSA) will be responsible for analysis of the Security & Continuity requirements and corresponding solutioning for opportunities to both extant and new business.

To own the end-to-end design, costing and articulation of competition-beating client solutions in a way that promotes predictable implementation and reuse of standard offerings whilst meeting and exceeding the client's requirements.

To be able to scope and solution complex and blended deals which cover the entire end to end solution from consultancy, through architecture and design, technology selection, deployment and transition into ongoing managed services.

Engage directly with customers up to and including the C-suite during early stage engagement on opportunities and to articulate solutions in a way which emphasises value of the solution and business level benefits.

To engage with other pre-sales staff, solution owners, client executives and delivery executives during inception through to implementation, managing the different security & continuity aspects of the solution and negotiate trade-off decisions with stakeholders to agree the desired solution at the right win price.

Job Purpose & Accountability

This role is characterised by the need for substantial technical and operational delivery knowledge and skills within the fast-moving cyber security market; and a well-developed ability to understand the client’s business and requirements. It is set apart from many technical roles by the need to take into account sales, commercial, service delivery and management whilst maintaining the Customer’s security posture within their risk tolerance.

  • Engage directly with clients at all levels up to and including the C-Suite;
  • Provide the security & continuity response to presales requests and security projects/programmes;
  • Designs standardized technical Security solutions and oversee their implementation;
  • Provide guidance (e.g., information security risk severity assessments / relative cost benefit analysis etc.) and recommendations for security infrastructure investments to mitigate risks, strengthen defences and reduce vulnerabilities within a customer’s estate;
  • Advise the sales team on risk issues that are related to information security and recommend actions in support of the risk management programmes;
  • Monitor information security trends and evolving technologies; keep the Security Offerings Manager informed about customer views and perceptions, related information security issues and implications for our solutions.

Skills - Mandatory

Must be an intelligent, articulate, consensus building, and persuasive team player who can serve as an effective member of a dynamic pursuit team and communicate information security-related concepts to a broad range of technical and non-technical team members at all levels of the organization.

  • Experience with business system risk management as it relates to information security;
  • Degree in a computer science or information systems related discipline, or equivalent relevant experience;
  • Interest in development of thought leadership abilities and experience, including ability to think outside the box and to recognise nuances and trends within the market before they are mainstream;
  • Ability to work and effectively prioritise in a highly dynamic work environment and write accurate, clear and concise documents;
  • Experience with information system disaster recovery planning and testing, auditing, risk analysis, business system resumption planning, and contingency planning;
  • CISSP, CompTIA Security + or other security certification / accreditation;
  • An understanding of CESG documents and compliance standards.

Technical requirement:

  • working knowledge of CRAMM or other risk assessment skills;
  • understanding and usage of various internationally recognized standards, frameworks (CIS Benchmarks, NIST Cyber Security framework, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc.);
  • interest public speaking and media engagement (social media, printed online, interviews, etc);
  • project management skills;
  • experience of a range of security services and technologies e.g. HIDS/NIDS, endpoint protection, SIM/SIEM, Firewalls, IdM/IAM, service continuity and network defence systems;
  • cloud solutions awareness (Azure, AWS, GCP and other vendor-specific products) is an advantage.

Soft-skills requirements:

  • be a self-starter able to work on own initiative;
  • have excellent analytical and communication skills;
  • be able to deal with, and influence senior internal and external customers;
  • exhibit confidence in the solution but also exhibit flexibility and willingness to listen and adapt;
  • have technical report writing skills;
  • have strong presentation and facilitation skills;
  • understand and readily articulate how their solution integrates with the larger holistic solution for the customer, both technically and in terms of business value.

We offer:

  • employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.
  • competitive compensation depending on experience and skills.
  • regular assessments and yearly salary reviews.
  • additional vacation bonus.
  • newcomers from other towns are provided with relocation help.
  • social package - medical care, sports.
  • partial compensation of costs on fitness.
  • free English classes in case of project necessity.
  • training and certifications are organized and paid by the company.
  • opportunities for self-realization.
  • friendly team and enjoyable working environment.
  • experience exchange with global colleagues.
  • corporate and social events.

The vacancy is opened in Kazan, remote work is possible.


Ваше ФИО
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Уверенность в будущем

  • Годовой оборот ICL непрерывно растет с 1991
  • Новые офисы открываются в среднем каждые 3 года
  • В России с нами работают компании уровня «Газпрома», а за рубежом у нас клиенты в 26 странах мира

Обучение и развитие

  • Возможность технического обучения и сертификации за счет компании
  • Обучение гибким навыкам: межличностному общению, тайм-менеджменту и т. д.
  • Участие в ИТ-конференциях, форумах, выставках и презентациях
  • Собственный тестовый центр и учебные классы

Условия труда

  • Комфортные офисы с авто- и велостоянками
  • В офисах — кафетерии, столовая с диетическим залом и кухни в офисе
  • Скидки в корпоративной столовой

Здоровый образ жизни и спорт

  • Частичная компенсация стоимости спортивных абонементов
  • Бесплатные спортзалы для занятий игровыми видами спорта
  • Внутренние и внешние чемпионаты по футболу и волейболу
  • Медкабинеты в офисах. Вакцинация, флюорография и ДМС*
    *Зависит от вакансии, на которую вы претендуете. Если ДМС есть, это указано в описании вакансии
  • Страхование жизни и здоровья при работе в особых условиях, при частых командировках


Большинство руководителей ICL вырастают в компании. Например, в самом производительном из наших подразделений 70% руководителей начинали как инженеры. У вас отличные перспективы! Еще вы можете расти как инженер, стать системным архитектором или бизнес-аналитиком. Или придать карьере новый поворот, перейдя в другое подразделение с новой сферой деятельности.

Выплаты и бонусы

  • Стабильные зарплатные выплаты 2 раза в месяц
  • Тринадцатая зарплата 
  • Бонус к отпуску
  • Дополнительный отпуск и выплаты к радостным (свадьба, рождение ребенка, юбилеи 50-60 лет) событиям
  • Денежные ссуды и возмещение процентов по ипотечному кредиту (при высокой результативности и по представлению директора центра)
  • Корпоративные скидки в 30 магазинах, туристических компаниях и т.д.

Хороший отдых

  • Корпоративные мероприятия для вас и ваших близких
  • Льготные путевки на корпоративную базу отдыха
  • Частичная компенсация стоимости путевок в детские санатории
  • Новогодние представления и подарки детям

Сильная команда

Сотрудники ICL создают автоматизированные решения федерального масштаба и выполняют ИТ-поддержку крупнейших производств. Вы — часть сильной команды, где можно многому научиться.
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